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Sri Lanka to speed up the construction of ‘Broadland’ Hydropower project
The project generates 126 Gigawatt hours of power is to be completed by early 2017
LBR,Tuesday 07 May 2013

Sri Lanka’s Power and Energy Ministry is to expedite work on Sri Lanka’s last hydro power project which will be constructed through the use of the Kalani river at an estimated cost of 82 million US dollars, the ministry said in a statement.

35 megawatts hydropower project which had been lagging for some time is to be built in Yatiyantota in the Kegalle District.

According to the ministry figures, the power station dam is 24 meters in height, 114 meters long with a 5.4 meter diameter tunnel.

It will generate 126 Gigawatt hours of power to the national grid.

The construction work of the power plant is to be completed by early 2017, director of the hydro project Dr. Kamal Laksiri told LBR.

“We are planning to lay the foundation stone for the project as soon as possible and will be able to complete by end of 2016 or by early 2017.” Dr. Laksiri said.

This project is undertaken with 85 percent credit facilities extended from the Chinese Government and a loan from the Hatton National Bank.

“We have already completed the feasibility study, however there are several agreements that we need to finalize before commencing this project” project director further said.

Initial financial agreements of the ‘Broadland’ Hydropower project have been completed during the tenancy of former Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka by earlier this year.

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