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Trading Monday: Sri Lanka stocks up 0.19 pct
Tokyo cement plans to issue new ordinary shares
LBRMoney,Monday 01 July 2013

Sri Lanka's benchmark All Share Price Index closed 11.74 points higher at 6,132.75 up 0.19 per cent and the S&P SL 20 Index closed 16.00 points higher at 3,447.74 up 0.47 per cent.

Turnover was 562 million rupees. Market Capitalization stood at 2,355.2 billion rupees.

Nations Trust had four crossings today.

Tokyo cement today announced a first and final dividend of 1 rupee per share.

Tokyo cement is also planned to issue new ordinary shares for 17.35 rupees per share in a move to capitalize the reserves. The company has decided to issue 20,250,000 voting and 10,125,000 non voting ordinary shares.

DFCC has appointed P M B Fernando as a director of the bank from today onwards. Fernando currently serves as the director of Laugfs Capital and Reach Asia Leisure.

AIA Insurance has reconstituted its director board and senior management. Gordon Timmins Watson has been appointed as the new chairman and director of the company replacing Huynh Thanh Phong from the post.

Mitchell David has been appointed as a non executive director in place of Richard Allan Bates who resigned from the board.

Gordon Watson is the regional chief executive of the AIA group. Mitchell David is the group general counsel for Hong Kong AIA.

Meanwhile Lanka Walltiles has purchased 23 percent of the total shares of Ceytea Plantation Management comprising 3,136,500 shares at a price of 140.19 million rupees. Lanka Walltiles now holds a 75.99 percent of total shares of Ceytea Plantation Management.

HNB Assurance has appointed HNB’s CEO and senior banker D P Nirosh Rodrigo as a non executive and non independent director of HNB Assurance from today onwards. Rodrigo is also a director of Acuity Securities.

G C Ajith De Silva has resigned from the director board of Pan Asia Bank with effect from today.

Blue diamonds Jewellary Worldwide has appointed Darshan Jayanetti as the new CEO of the company.

Metropolitan Resource Holdings today said that its subsidiary Ceylon Tea Gardens Limited will be wound up voluntarily in terms of the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

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